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Make small changes with natural, sustainable, non toxic products

My name is Mahnaz and when I started my journey onto non toxic products, I found it hard to source natural, cruelty free products I could trust. It took a huge amount of time and effort so changes I made did not come easy. The changes I made were really important as they helped me move onto products full of plant based, natural goodness that worked with my body, not against it.

I found that reducing exposure to harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients helped me with my sensitive hands and allergies I had been suffering from.

While on this mission, the products I found were kind to my skin and body and was also caring to the environment, this allowed my sustainable living journey to take shape and that’s how Emms Choice was born.

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Finding the right balance is key to making sustainable changes

Just imagine how you would feel if you switched to toxic free products that are not only better for you and your family but they also reduce waste, your carbon footprint and support small independent businesses too.

Our Purpose

To help others on their journey and make it easier to find small changes that make an impact.

Emms Choice is here to take you on a journey of discovery, making non toxic and sustainable choices, supporting many independent businesses, buying ethically, trying some wonderful products and planting trees along the way.

We want to encourage small changes that collectively have a huge impact on us and our planet. All our products are sourced from ethical, independent UK businesses and delivered in plastic free packaging and we support tree planting through our partnership with JUST ONE Tree.

Products with ethics

Our products are aligned with our ethos and values:

  • Cruelty free

  • Eco friendly

  • FREE from parabens and SLS

  • Plant based ingredients (nearly all are vegan friendly)

  • Minimal packaging

  • Sourced from independent UK businesses

What else we do:

  • Use plastic free packaging

  • Reward with ECO points*

  • Plant a Tree for all online orders over £20*

Caring for you…

Caring for our environment…

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