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Bicarbonate Of Soda – a genius product!

Bicarbonate of soda is a truly amazing product – you can clean, cook and refresh with this product. What’s more is it is an alternative cleaning product to use around your children, pets and in the home. With so many uses it is multi use and an essential item for your cupboard!

Personally I have used bicarbonate of soda in laundry, for extra scrubbing power when washing dishes, in facial scrubs, as a toilet cleaning powder – even applied it on a mouth ulcer with much success!

There are hundreds of uses for this genius product – just take a look at these ideas to get you started:

  • make toilet cleaning powder by adding essential oils of your choice and storing in a glass jar, sprinkle a spoon of this powder into the toilet – as needed,
  • use when washing dishes, makes an effective non toxic scrubber – ideal for cleaning pots and pans,
  • make a cleaning paste by simply adding some water, use an old toothbrush to clean difficult areas like around sink taps or tile grout,
  • test the scrubbing power when combined with a lemon cut in half – tackles kitchen cleaning tasks like the cooker or tiles or even the shower!
  • add a scoop with laundry powder to remove odours,
  • sprinkle inside football shoes to deodorise,
  • use to make your own deodoriser to freshen up – add essential oil of your choice (like lavender) and once mixed, use a sieve to spread it over car seats, carpets or even mattresses – leave for few hours then hoover it up,
  • make a gentle facial exfoliating scrub by mixing some bicarbonate of soda with water and adding a few drops of a nourishing oil of your choice (coconut or almond oil are ideal) – avoid eye area and use weekly for smooth soft skin.

It’s worth noting some people can have reactions to bicarbonate of soda so do test it out before use.

bulk bag of bicarbonate of soda, in a kraft pouch available from Emms Choice.


As with any new ingredients – especially when trying on sensitive skin, test out on a small part and as it is a mild abrasive it is not for daily skin use.

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