Does Natural & Eco-Friendly Mean Expensive?

This seems to be a question that has cropped up quite a lot recently. At first glance Natural and Eco-Friendly products might look expensive but there are so many benefits that paying attention to initial cost can be misleading. Let’s explore the benefits together.

Benefits can only be realised when trust is placed in products and they’re tried out. Having been there myself, I can certainly say some benefits were not a consideration at the outset and came as a NICE SURPRISE!

Here are the benefits I’ve seen:

  • NON-TOXIC ingredients
  • LESS product needed
  • Products last much LONGER
  • REDUCTION in products used


Environmental toxins are everywhere but we CAN control what we use in our home. Natural, non-toxic products means you reduce exposure to harsh chemicals which in itself is good for you, your body, skin, hair, home and the environment. It’s great to know what’s in your products – not just the fact there are natural ingredients but also knowing harsh chemicals are ABSENT is so important!


They tend to be raw and because of the ingredients, only small amounts are needed. Also, perhaps because of the initial cost, consumers act more consciously to use SMALLER more appropriate amounts and less is wasted. I know I do this – I’ve paid for quality & naturally want this item to last as long as it can, right?

Whether it’s Kraft tape instead of sellotape, laundry powder, soaps or oils/moisturiser – there’s no need to use more than necessary to do the job!


Products seem to last much longer, sometimes surprisingly longer. For example a cold processed soap seems to be solid and last much longer than readily available soaps. Another example is natural salt deodorant, price may seem high but knowing it could last you over a year means it works out at under £1 per month – amazing isn’t it?

This is great as a consumer as we want MORE from our natural products. Concentrated and raw means you will need to buy LESS FREQUENTLY and pay less for AQUA or WATER as an ingredient and more for plant based quality ingredients.


Because of the ingredients, or absence of key chemicals – they can often lead to reducing number of products. What’s more because you can also strip back to natural products they can be MULTI-USE which is AMAZING! i.e making face scrubs with bicarbonate of soda, then using it for cleaning too – rather than buying: ready made face scrubs & several £1 cleaning spray bottles. Another example is natural shampoo bars – they do not strip hair of oils and you may not need to condition hair, removing the need for a hair conditioner.


Waste is minimised – where packaging is a key consideration for eco-friendly products. Naturally these will have recycled/recyclable packaging helping you to reduce your carbon footprint – because products last longer the waste generated is much less over a period of time!


If you suffer from allergies or sensitivities it won’t take you long to FEEL the difference – your body will tell you. Skin feels softer when using natural cold processed soaps. The nourishment of oils/butters present in these soaps will not strip extra oils from your skin…same goes for shampoo bars!

If you don’t suffer from allergies – your body tolerates harsh chemicals but there may still be signs of toxicity which have not even considered. Your body doesn’t need exposed to them and there are benefits in reducing toxic chemical exposure. You will not expect big changes but may still be surprised at how you benefit!

CAUTION: the word NATURAL can be used so easily and can make you think there is nothing artificial but labeling laws mean only very little natural ingredients need to be present and they can still use the word “NATURAL”.

With natural products Emms Choice stock – we are also focused on non toxic and what is LEFT OUT of the product ingredients.

NON TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY and buying from INDEPENDENT brands passionate about their natural products is all very important.

Simply comparing initial cost of products is NOT the full picture. It also depends on how much these benefits mean to you. If you’re committed to ANY ONE of these, then all the other benefits will come as an added BONUS!

My advice is

Buy LESS, Choose WELL and make it LAST

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What I write are my own personal views and I don’t endorse any content on external websites. I am also not advising on best course of action and recommend you do your own research.

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