lockdown lessons part 1

Enlightening Perspective on Lockdown Lessons – from a Gen Z perspective – Part 1

I was blown away when I read a few of the things in this blog so I suggested a guest blog to share their personal lockdown lessons and inspire others. I’m absolutely delighted with this blog, it’s in the words of our very own generation z blogger – (anonymous because she wants it that way). There are so many take aways here and for me, it gives me so much HOPE, POSITIVITY and PRIDE to know this is coming from the NEXT generation.

So here it is, hope you love this as much as me.

Mahnaz xXx

During lockdown I have come to realise, learn and accept a lot of things. I decided to write this list to not only remember these things for the future but also possibly help others too. As I am currently studying psychology as one of my A levels, I also thought it would be good for my mental health to keep this list as a reminder to help ensure I stay in a positive mind set.

Being in lockdown has made me realise/accept/learn so many things that I feel I would have taken longer to if we didn’t have this time. Here are the main 10 things…

  • Keeping a clear positive mind is key – especially in times like these I realised it’s so easy to have constant negative thoughts.
  • It’s completely normal to have down/insecure days but its about how you bounce back from them – personally, I have suffered with extremely low self-esteem, self confidence and hating the way I look (I feel a lot of people my age have), however in recent months and during this time especially I have learnt to accept, love and embrace everything about myself.
  • It’s okay to distance yourself from friends in order to focus on you and your thoughts for a while, it does not make u ‘selfish’ (being selfish for the right reasons is needed) –  I’ve accepted that although I love speaking to my friends, some days I don’t want to open messages/be on my phone and that’s not a bad thing as we all deserve to be/should be selfish occasionally.
  • You can’t change people’s mindsets when they are set on things, you can only offer advice/a different point of view – I’ve accepted that there are always going to be people that are very closed minded and aren’t willing to change (even if it’s for the better/in their best interest).
  • It’s okay to look in the mirror and not like what you see but you must remind yourself of the things you do like and focus on them, pushing negativity out of your head – This links with number two, but this is how I have increased my self esteem and confidence, this time has been the perfect time to focus on doing so.
  • Focusing on those who love and support you for who you are is important – I’ve accepted there’s so many bad people in the world but focusing on the people that matter to you helps in so many ways.
  • Having some sort of routine is good for all aspects of you (emotionally, mentally, physically) – throughout lockdown I have started exercising and eating healthier as I am trying to be the healthiest version of myself, I have realised it is very easy to fall into a trap of getting up really late, eating junk food, being unproductive (especially when you’re a teenager) and ultimately damaging your own mental, physical and possibly emotional health.
  • Social media is completely fine if you know how to use it and create a platform that is healthy and positive – with social media playing such a massive part in our lives, it is easy to become obsessed with it and hooked on it, but taking regular breaks from it and avoiding negative things on it makes it a much safer place. (May be blocking/unfollowing/muting someone’s account)
  • Be grateful for everyone/everything in your life and complain less – with this global pandemic especially, it has made me realise once again how lucky I am to be in the position I’m in and how so many people all over the world are unfortunately not. I feel like especially being part of the generation I am, we almost act as if we are entitled and forget how lucky we truly are.
  • Where effort is not being reciprocated, back off and divert that effort into someone/something else – I think this can apply to almost anything but I’ve realised, whatever it is, there’s no point constantly putting effort into it if you are getting nothing back, take that energy and put it into something else that will benefit you.

Part 2 coming soon

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