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Around 7-10 years ago I was ill, crippled with anxiety, labyrinthitis and vertigo. I’d suffered with anxiety since being a teen. Through this journey I had been aware of the toxins I was eating had but never really considered the toxicity of my home or the products I was using. I would often use cleaning as a coping tool. Bleaching my home to kill germs to support my family and keep them safe. However my husband and son had asthma and every time I cleaned they would be wheezing. I still never really clicked as to  what was going on until a couple of years later.

I decided to really take control of my health, to dive deep in natural solutions to support my anxiety. During this time I discovered so many incredible things and some pretty distrurbing. I became aware of the chemicals not only in our home but that I was applying to my own and my family’s skin (our largest organ). I decided to do my research. Then along the way my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was a bolt from the blue and shook us as a family.

I started researching natural solutions to support her and fell in love with essential oils. This journey to learning more about nature and its natural properties spurred more interest in natural products. I was keen to reduce the toxicity my mum was facing and along the way became intrigued at discovering the toxic load of our homes. This really was the catalyst to change.

It wasn’t a wake up one morning and lets throw all the toxic products out transition. It was really gradual and then it just became the new norm. I started with our personal products creams, lotions, shampoos and deodorant. Just switching items as they run out for more environmentally friendly options or my daughter and I trying making our own. I used the app Think Dirty to check the products I was using were safe, then also visited the EWG group website for support and education.

The more I learned the more changes I made. I then moved on to cleaning products. This was a big one for me given my previous tendencies of cleaning for control. But this has been such an impactful shift. We now make all our own cleaning products (bar one bottle of natural cleaning concentrate). We use water, vinegar and essential oil for our glass cleaner, water, olive oil, vinegar and essential oil for our polish and then the natural cleaner concentrate diluted down for our multi surface cleaner. I do have a chemical free cleaning cloths etc too that I use.

The amount of products we use has significantly dropped. But the ultimate win here is that my husbands and sons asthma have almost but gone! It’s insane the impact this has made. I used to feel guilty for thinking back to how they must have felt, but I realise I didn’t know any better and in my head I was protecting my family.

We moved house December 2017 and we made a decision as a family that we would be a chemical free home. The improvements in all our health is incredible. We have made other switches including I now use a menstrual cup and reusable sanitary towels, we filter our water and we compost our waste food.

As I say this whole process took many years and lots of reading. But start small. Pick one area to to look at maybe cleaning or the products you are using on your skin, then gradually make the change. There is so much support and products now readily available to support this shift. You absolutely won’t regret it. My skin, home and family are all healthier, its super fun, we feel like we are making an impact not only in our own lives but also that of the planet.

Spirit and soul
My favourite phrase is “You don’t know, until you know”.

So start your learning TODAY, it will change your life!

With Love

Susi xx

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This blog has been written by Susi McWilliam – many thanks for sharing your story!

This blog is part of our collaboration where I want to share information with my community and help inspire people into action. I hope you enjoyed this guest blog and I am looking forward to doing more of these.

Mahnaz x

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