How Self-Compassion is the Key to Cultivate a Postive mindset

How Self-Compassion is the Key to Cultivating a Confident Positive mindset

Notice Your Critical Voice

Ladies, have you ever heard a critical voice in your head that decides to pipe up just when you need it the least? Usually when we think we’ve made a mistake, an error in judgement or when we’re experiencing change and finding life a bit too much to handle. That voice will criticise and point the finger of blame inwards, making us feel inadequate and often downright miserable. If we listen to that voice rather than our higher self, it’s likely to get louder.

Why self compassion counts

So, what’s the answer? That’s right – self-compassion.

Self-compassion allows us to see the bigger picture and the key to building a confident mindset. The critical voice will kick us while we’re down but move towards compassion and the story becomes one of love, care and nurture. Remember too that the critical voice will often start to appear at times when we need our compassion the most – once this becomes obvious, it’s much easier to adjust your perspective.

It’s tempting to resist the opportunity to become compassionate towards yourself, generally speaking because we worry it’ll make us feel the pain of circumstance more intensely or that it will hinder our progress toward ‘getting on with it’. This simply isn’t the case.

Compassion allows us to imagine a positive outcome, to move out of feelings of ‘not good enough’ into feeling good about our worth and skills. By intentionally developing a compassionate approach, we allow for growth, we can advocate for ourselves and we welcome abundance.

Best Friends Compassion

Where to start

“Where do I even begin?” I hear you ask…

Patience, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, kindness, empathy – you’re probably great at all these things when it comes to others, so why not when it comes to you?

So here’s a great place to start. Treat yourself as though you were your best friend. So, when you catch that critical voice telling you you’re not good enough, or worried that people will see the ‘real’ imperfect you  (imposter syndrome),  ask yourself if you’d be willing to sit by and let someone speak to your best friend like that. Of course, the answer will be no! So then, why allow YOU to speak to YOU like that when you wouldn’t let someone else you love be spoken to in that way? Tell that voice to gently leave you be and listen to your higher self.

How to  self-soothe

Practice self-kindness, mindfulness and self-care to overcome doubts. Comfort yourself with the same soothing words you’d use when speaking to your best friend. Rather than leaving yourself high and dry trying to maintain an attitude of ‘just get on with it’. Acknowledge how you feel and treat yourself accordingly, none of us is perfect and that’s ok!

It’s at precisely our times of inner- suffering that we need our self-compassion the most, but we have a tendency to move away from the kindness we so sorely need and instead let that critical voice lead the way. No more!

self love woman with hand on heart

What are the other benefits of being kind to yourself ?

Self-Compassion is also imperative to overcoming those familiar feelings of guilt we often experience – “I should be doing something else” repeating in our heads. Whether this is about what’s going on inside your wellness business or how best to juggle work life with family life and not spending time with our children if we have them. Remember, we can only do so much.

And what does the other side look like

If we are not compassionate to ourselves then we hinder our progress from evolving. We’ll be forever questioning our actions and motivations. Maybe even beating ourselves up. setting the bar too high for perfectionism. None of these things is useful in growth, business or day to day  life.  Acknowledging our shortcomings whilst also being kind enough to say, ‘that’s ok’, is absolutely useful and helps us feel balanced and empowered as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and useless.

Self-compassion enables us to proceed, unnecessary self-criticism will simply hinder our progress in all areas of our passion-led business and life.

Moving forward…

Compassion towards ourselves is key to feeling good and to building that inner – confidence about who we are.


About Sarah:

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This is part of a collaboration where I want to share information with my community and help inspire people into action. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guest blog and I’m looking forward to doing more of these.

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