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My Favourite NON TOXIC Personal Products

I think it’s about time I shared my favourite NON TOXIC personal products. My non toxic journey started from deodorants then went onto skincare, cleaning and laundry items, soaps for hair and body and finally last but not least, reusable sanitary items. This was all over a lengthy period so if you are starting out, don’t get overwhelmed – remember small changes are the way forward. In time you will make sustainable changes that will become a new NORMAL for you.

Some of these non toxic products have taken me longer to find or adjust to and others have been quick and very easy wins. Hopefully this will help you on your journey and give you a starting point.

Peronal Care Products

personal care products
  • Biork deodorant stick – fragrance free and super easy to use – mine is 10 months old (pictured) and it’s not even halved in size!
  • Deodorant balm – with essential oils, a gorgeous white rose & lotus scent.
  • Mint toothpaste– in fresh mint without all the extras.
  • Menstrual cup– reusable cup that collects rather than absorbs, working with your body.
  • Reusable sanitary pad – for extra security, great for use overnight.


skincare products
  • Coconut oil – for facial cleansing, great all round moisturiser too.
  • Rosehip & Camelia Day Cream – gorgeous scent and a real delight to use.
  • Moroccan Rhassoul clay* – absolutely AMAZING detoxifying clay, this is a must for your skincare routine. (more info below)
  • Hand cream with shea butter and essential oils when my hands need some extra TLC
  • The BEST smelling chocolate orange lip balm EVER!

*I’ve been asked how I use this clay and how to mix it up. so here it is – I use it for a hand or face mask.

Seeing is believing – this was when I discovered clay masks for my sensitive, very sore and tired hands!

How I use the clay:

Take a small amount of clay – about 1 teaspoon is good to start with, I mix this with some apple cider vinegar (ACV) – you can use simply use warm water and add a drop or two of oil if you want it to be extra nourishing. I add a small amount of ACV, leave until fizzing stops, mix it then just enough drops of warm water to get the right consistency – apply to skin and leave on for just 10 minutes. Then wash it off to reveal super soft, silky feel, closed pores and clearer, smoother skin!

Shower Items

plastic free shower products
  • Shampoo bar – nourishing solid bar that suits my hair, helps protect and last ages too.
  • Hair conditioner bar – this is the best conditoner bar EVER, taken me long enough to find one to suit my very thick hair.
  • Loofah – the best natural shower puff, mine is nearly a year old and still in perfectly good shape!
  • Solid soap – using this palm-oil free soap with the loofah is so good. I gently rub it on the wet loofah and voila – wonderful lather!

You’ll notice majority of these products are 100% PLASTIC FREE – the only plastic here is a lid on the glass jar hand cream, the bottle top on coconut oil (both of which I plan to re-use) and the toothpaste which I collect and put in a Colgate Terracycle box for recycling. Pretty good isn’t it?

I’m so pleased with all the changes I’ve made and continue to work on changing other products – not only are these better products for me, they support independent businesses making them, I use less of the cleaner ingredients, they last much longer AND I’m not contributing any waste either!

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What I write are my own personal views and I don’t endorse any content on external websites. I am also not advising on best course of action and recommend you do your own research.

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