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Now Is The Time To Think and RE-THINK

With the current COVID situation this is the perfect time to take a moment to look at choices we’ve made previously – some a long time ago. It’s time to THINK and RE-THINK choices we can control. When was the last time you thought about the items you apply to your skin or what you use around the home? Does it worry you that what is applied to your skin is absorbed into your body and other products you may inhale? Do you want to know how to do your bit to help the environment?

Products that are better for us are also better for the planet!

Positively or negatively we are affected by our environment. What we apply directly on our skin is not given enough importance – it’s time to change this!

There is a lot of uncertainty about how things will change and what our NEW NORMAL will be once lockdown is over. This is a perfect time to thing about the things we can control and what we would like to see for us and our family in the future. Non toxic products reduce exposure to harsh chemicals and because of their plant based nature they will of course give you lots of goodness sourced from nature!

It can be alarming to thinking about all the changes you want to make but start SMALL and progress in the right direction – you are worth it!

If you’re wondering where to start here are our top tips:

Start with items you use the most

Your exposure to them will be the highest too. Think about your daily routine which products are used daily or perhaps more frequently – i.e, moisturisers, cleansers, deodorants, soap, hand wash

Look at the ingredients

Do you have sensitivities – are your products made by trusted brands? Do they contain harsh chemicals, are they necessary products and fit for purpose?

Think about alternatives

Often there are alternatives to products, think of it as a solution to a problem – there’s usually more ways than one to solve a problem!

Other Items

There are other products you may use every other day, weekly or monthly that can have a significant impact on you. Here are a few:

  • shaving soap
  • hair shampoo/conditioner
  • cleaning items
  • bath products
  • beauty face masks
  • sanitary products

Some items like sanitary products do not need to disclose their contents. This is horrifying as we should be caring much more about what’s in sanitary items and the effect they have on us. They are all whiter than white, feel, look and smell a certain way – have you noticed this? Yet we do not know how they’re made. On the other hand if you go for menstrual cups, reusable sanitary pads, ethical brands disclose materials and how they’re made giving you much needed comfort.

Instead look for minimal ingredients and NON TOXIC, BLEACH FREE, NATURAL, PLASTIC FREE products. They’re not only good for the environment with reduced waste but they’re also so much better for YOU!

Hope you found this useful and will start a journey of discovery – learning about what you use right now is the first step,

If you need any help with choosing natural products – feel free to get in touch as we love helping others on a journey of discovery to find ECO products that suit them.

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What I write are my own personal views and I don’t endorse any content on external websites. I am also not advising on best course of action and recommend you do your own research.

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