Planting trees
"To stop climate change, we must draw down the carbon already in the atmosphere. For this we will need an immensely powerful system. Ecologically speaking, trees are the most effective means to capture and store carbon."

Emms Choice Tree Planting

With climate change and global warming effects being felt all around the world we feel we MUST do MORE.

Scientists have confirmed that planting a trillion trees would be the most effective solution to our climate crisis.

As an eco-conscious company, we want to make sure that our customers are happy with our vision and we have been thinking about doing work for GOOD.

We are delighted to announce we will now be supporting tree planting and have partnered up with JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit initiative making an impact in the fight against Global Warming by planting trees in poverty-stricken areas.

Why did we choose Just ONE Tree?

There are many charitable organisations that support tree planting and choosing the right partner was quite hard, but we decided on:

  • JUST ONE Tree is a thriving small business setup by a Mum who wants to “help give our children back their future”.
  • JUST ONE Tree being a UK independent business.
  • JUST ONE Tree is committed to planting trees in the most vulnerable areas affected by climate change and deforestation.
  • JUST ONE Tree works with UK businesses to create a meaningful way of giving something back.
  • JUST ONE Tree is passionate about raising awareness through UK schools and their first non-uniform day was a great success !

let's plant trees

The Benefits of Planting Trees

Trees are magnificent beings and the superheroes of our planet! We may not know their full benefits but did you know:

  • Trees clean the air we breathe
  • Trees filter the water we drink
  • Trees prevent soil erosion and flooding
  • Trees give life to the world’s wildlife
  • Trees house complex ecosystems
  • Trees supply us with medicine
  • Trees provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people.

We need them in order to survive. BUT it’s NOT only about the TREES, it’s also about PEOPLE!

Planting trees in areas worst affected by deforestation helps people too. It gives them a way of earning income from nurturing and sustaining the forests – two major causes helped with one simple act.

So how will Emms Choice plant trees?

We started tree planting in 1 January 2020 and until 28th June 2021 – all orders over £20 had a tree added on to our tree count.

It costs £1 to plant a new tree so we make a regular contribution to JUST ONE Tree who they will take care of the tree planting – it’s as simple as that!

Each month, money gets distributed between reforestation partners this currently covers Madagascar, Mozambique, Indonesia, Haiti, Kenya and Nepal.
You can choose to pay £1 per tree at any time – simply add this to your online order. If you’re buying a gift, why not add a new tree to your order? We’ll email you a digital receipt with the recipient’s name making it a really personal gift.

Trees Planted

in 2020

TOGETHER let's make a difference!

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