Small Changes BIG Difference Kit


NEW! This kit has been designed with 8 amazing eco-friendly products to get you motivated and inspired to discover plastic free alternatives and to #makesmallchanges – makes a great gift idea too. Purchasing this kit will also plant a tree.

If you’re looking to make sustainable changes that will make a BIG difference, then this is the perfect kit for you. A hand picked selection of eco-friendly products that collectively make a BIG difference!

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Small Changes That Make a BIG Impact – sustainable choices

Our Small Changes Big Difference kit is a selection of solid soaps and reusable products. Many will last for years to come and collectively they will make a BIG DIFFERENCE. This kit is bursting with alternative products to get you on your way to becoming an eco-warrior!

Essential PLASTIC FREE items that are ECO swaps for commonly used items. This kit will help you make further eco-friendly choices to suit your lifestyle and collectively the changes you make will make a huge impact.

Say NO to single-use disposable items like:

  • kitchen paper

  • baby wipes

  • cleaning wipes

  • beauty cleansing wipes

  • cleaning paper towels

  • cotton pads

and switch to plastic free products:

  • shampoo bar

  • solid shaving soap

  • toothpaste tablets

  • loofah

Positive impact on YOU

Natural, non-toxic products – clean minimal ingredients that work WITH your body, not against it. These products will also help you work towards a plastic free kitchen and bathroom!

Positive effects on YOUR environment

Plastic free products, minimal recyclable packaging and either zero waste, reusable or compostable once at end of life.

What’s more, purchasing this kit alone will contribute to planting ONE tree – see our tree planting campaign.

Products that are better for us are also better for our planet!


  • UNPAPER Towel (R) – a single unpaper towel in a random colour/pattern. This fabric towel is made with cotton off cuts saved from incineration and designed to replace disposable kitchen paper (UNPAPER Towel Pack listing) (measures approx 25cm x 25cm)
  • Compostable Cloth Wipe (R)  – a single cloth wipe, great for cleaning around the kitchen or bathroom or equally suitable for use as wipes.
  • 2 x Compostable Mini Sponge Cloth Wipes (R) – suitable for use on hands, face, body. Great to use as baby wipes, for makeup removal or when you need a mini wipe! (measure approx 43 x 50 mm)
  • Cleaning Loofah – a great switch from plastic cleaning sponges or scrubbers.
  • 14 x Toothpaste Tablets – plastic free toothpaste, solid tablets with minimal non toxic ingredients, great for travel too!
  • Travel Pouch (R) – made of natural jute with drawstring. Great to travel with, can also be used to keep solid soaps, simply wrap soaps in a facecloth then place inside this pouch!
  • Natural Shaving Soap Bar (100g) – solid plastic free shaving soap – cool breeze
  • Solid Shampoo Bar (approx. 65g) Natural, SLS & Paraben Free. Our recent blog will help you choose one for your hair type, choose from:


* FRAGRANCE FREE – making it suitable for the most sensitive skins


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