A perfect kit for travel – with solid toothpaste, soap and shampoo – what more do you need!

Presented in a cute little jute pouch.

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TRAVEL ESSENTIALS Kit – for on the go!

Essentials kit – hand picked essentials kit for on the go!  Great for traveling – with solid soap, shampoo, toothpaste and cotton buds with a cute jute pouch to store these items in, simply wrap wet soaps in a facecloth then place in pouch.


Both soap and shampoo bars are available in different scents and to suit different skin and hair.

If you need help selecting, simply state your requirements in the box and we can select the ones most suitable – for example, sensitive skin and scalp, sensitive skin and normal hair – we will help you choose best one to try.

contains no animal products, suitable for vegans, not tested on animals.

Jute pouch will be one of the designs in pictures – depending on availability.


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