reusable hand made fabric products

Reusable Hand Made Fabric Products

Plastic Free Reusables

With signs of SPRING, some extra sunshine and a bit more colour appearing outside we want to share some beautiful colourful items. Our collaboration with our partner making hand made reusable fabric products has been going strong – it’s time to share these with you.

PLASTIC FREE, RE-USABLES and ZERO WASTE products have a huge amount of interest just now. They’re products that are kind to us and eco-friendly alternatives that can be reused over and over again, reducing household waste massively!

We are delighted that customers have chosen us to be part of their journey of discovery and the feedback on these has been AMAZING.

Unpaper Towels

These have been an amazing eco-friendly addition to our range. Not only are they a superb idea, they save all that single-use kitchen roll waste but with our EXCLUSIVE fabric selections our customers have loved coordinating these with their kitchen!

Personalised Products

Embroidered with first name – these make beautiful gifts or equally good for use yourself or your family!

Cloth Sanitary Pads

With a huge choice of sizes, absorbancy levels and the option to buy a single or pack of pads – there is something to suit everyone. These pads start from pantyliner size which are an amazing waste free idea.

They really bring a whole new comfort level to sanitary products whether used on their own or together with a menstrual cup!

Face Pads and Breast Pads

Reusable breast pads for breastfeeding mums and facial cleansing pads that cleanse while being soft on the skin. The patterns are lovely and a great wee splash of colour!

Add a splash of colour to your frequently used products and once you have purchased look after them well, so they can look after YOU!

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