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Veronica Hubbard Health is a small business based in Dundee. They help participants manage their own health with a clear focus on physical and mental wellbeing. I met Veronica earlier this year and she has a wealth of experience delivering and managing health intervention programmes. Here experience and clear passion for helping others has driven her to setup this relatively new business committed to making sustainable lifestyle changes!

She has delivered programmes in partnership with the NHS, CCG, local councils and other health professionals for over 5 years. With a background is in sociology and psychology,  as well as a qualification from the Royal Society for Public Health in ‘Improving Health’, a qualified facilitator for the weight management programme ‘Shape Up’ and additional courses on improving mental wellbeing, promoting heath in community settings, behavior change and health walks (delivery and training) – that’s quite some list to assure you that you’re in experienced hands!

Veronica Hubbard Health

Veronica Hubbard Health consists of Veronica and two exercise specialists who are qualified to cardiac rehabilitation level with 10+  years’ experience each, they also have additional qualifications in physio therapy, exercise on referral, massage therapies, Clinical Pilates and health based Tai Chi Qi Gong.

Services can benefit anyone interested in improving their help, however particularly to those with or have experienced:

  • Type 1 & type 2 diabetes
  • pre-diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure/hypertension
  • anxiety &/or depression
  • weight management/ obesity
  • cardiac conditions or following rehabilitation with cardiac, pulmonary or renal teams
  • following cancer treatment
  • poor gut health
  • a stroke

Online services are available regardless of participant location in the UK.

Aims Of Veronica Hubbard Health

To enable people to manage their health, particularly long term medical conditions, through SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE CHANGES. We aim for changes to be gradual and to fit participant’s unique needs, so that the overall experience is a positive one.

Services Offered Prior To COVID-19

Service offered includes advice and support with:

  • Healthy eating
  • Increasing physical activity, with options for tailor made exercise plans
  • Stress management
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Weight management (8 week Programme called Shape Up)
  • Sensible drinking
  • Falls preventions
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Improving gut health
  • Pilates, circuit and Tai Chi Qi Gong practice.

Sessions are available on a 1-1 either online or face to face, options are also available in group/workshop settings which were previously only available via face to face delivery. The Shape Up programme previously only offered face to face group sessions.

Changes since COVID-19

All services have moved online, this means that group sessions which were previously only offered face to face are now offered via zoom. The tailored exercise programmes were previously set up to start with a face to face consultation in which data would be collected on client’s needs, however this would now be completed via video link.

Other Information

All sessions are completely confidential and inclusive. The sensible drinking service is not for those who have an alcohol addiction and there is more appropriate service to support with this. Were necessary, participants would be signposted to services more suitable.

  • Website: Coming soon
  • Social Media Links: Facebook Page – Veronica Hubbard Health
  • Payment Methods:  Paypal or bank transfer
  • Opening Times: always open
  • Contact Email:
  • Mobile: 07474 124 617

If you know anyone who could do with extra support to get them on the road to recovery, improve their health and take back some control with their wellness, then do pass on details of this small business.

Support small businesses wherever you can and the world will be a better place!


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