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It’s that time of year when there’s a lot of stress around buying sustainable gifts and something special or a bit different. I’ve found some great gifts and wanted to share these with you. I have three gift ideas all from independent businesses trying to make a difference!

Hope you’re buying will be full of sustainable choices and ones that support the brands you want to see flourish.

Eco-Friendly Planner, Journal, Stationery

It’s taken me a while to find a diary and I have gone for a 2020 planner from Ponderlily. It’s not only beautiful, inspiring and makes me want to be super organised, it’s printed using eco-friendly paper and ink!

Ponderlily make high-end work accessories for people making their mark in the world. They have planners, journals and various notepads to help you organise your world. If you know anyone managing multiple schedules, running a small business or someone who wants to be better at multi-tasking then the planner will make a lovely gift.

sustainable gifts

They also have a travel journal, wall planner and notepads too. You even get access to a range of FREE printables online where you can download and print specific pages, lists and planners – all to get you more organised.

If you’re looking for a gift for your business bestie, your favourite coworker, or you want to treat yourself to an awesome present, check out their new 2020 collection! 

Fingerless Gloves – handmade from recycled cashmere

I came across Turtle Doves recently and was impressed with their business based around making beautiful items with recycled materials!

Their best-selling product is fingerless gloves which are effectively wrist-warmers. They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if you have chilly fingers or suffer from arthritis or Raynaud’s. Other products include hats, scarves, snoods, blankets to name a few – plenty more on their website. This lovely little business has grown from a one-cottage enterprise!

I bought two pairs of fingerless gloves and LOVE them, as a sufferer of chilly fingers I can report keeping wrists warm really helps. They are super soft, look and feel BRAND NEW – I would never guessed they’ve been made with recycled material. The problem I have now is I don’t want to take them off – perhaps an excuse to do less chores!

If you have cashmere clothes and don’t know what to do with them – these can be sent in and swapped for a pair of gloves. All you need to do is pay the postage, how wonderful. They can also make memory gloves for you – what a lovely keepsake but something to use and treasure.

Do check their website out – they have products for ladies, gents and babies so treat yourself or someone special – this will make a gift to cherish.

14 Day Health Reboot Cleanse

Recently I went on a 14 Day Health Reboot Cleanse with Rise To Health Coaching. Before this I had never done anything like it and actually had no specific reason for doing so except that I knew it would be a POSITIVE experience and this was something I wanted to challenge myself to do for ME.

Gordana is the founder and as a “health and life coach” she’s really inspiring – she helps high achievers break up with stress and prevent burnout. Having met Gordana I already knew how passionate she was about helping others and found that she shares information and teaches without judgement. Her friendly nature also makes you feel supported throughout the period. If you have any health challenges she can work with you on a one to one basis too.

What even is a DETOX? WHEN and WHY does anyone need it?

These were some of the questions I had…so I will try to explain this in my own way.

Toxins are all around us, in the environment, found in products we use on our skin, in our homes and even in the food we eat. Put simply a DETOX is when you give your body a chance to let go of the toxins sitting in our body and allow a cleanse to take place – in a way it resets your digestive system!

If we continue to hold onto these toxins they could end up making us ill.

PREVENTION is always better than a CURE. You may already suffer from toxic overload – below are just a few of the symptoms:

headaches, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, foggy brain, skin eruptions, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, allergic reactions…

I highly recommend a DETOX, this is something EVERYONE should do and if you haven’t already discovered the power of a cleanse then there’s no better time than NOW!

Makes you think what’s really going on in our bodies. My 14 day cleanse journey will be another blog but I want to share some of the benefits I noticed.

BENEFITS – during and after my detox

More energy, clarity, deeper sleep and my skin feels amazing

Less stress, bloating, no cravings, less belly fat too

Overall in 14 days I lost 2.3 kilograms!

My outlook on nutrition has changed for the better – with this I am more conscious of what my nutritional needs are. Some new habits are forming which I want to sustain for my well-being. All of these benefits came WITHOUT any expectation but so gratefully received!

I enjoyed the experience and learnt so much, in some ways it forced me to slow down but that was needed.

The 14 day cleanse is done as a group which is really nice and you are able to talk about different stages together, support each other and never feel alone – even if you’re the only one in your house doing it.

If like me, you think it’s a bit pricey and a commitment you don’t know if you can fulfill then let me ask you:

  • What is the cost of ILLNESS?
  • Can you put a price on YOUR WELLNESS?
  • Is there ever a RIGHT TIME to focus on YOU?

You have so much to GAIN and the best part is this is repeatable. Once you have done the cleanse with Gordana, you can do it again 6 months later by yourself – with the knowledge and experience you have gained.

If you know someone suffering or anyone who would benefit from this – you could even buy this as a gift – what an amazing gift to give!

The BEST gift you can give yourself is a DETOX and the best time to make this decision is NOW!

There’s lots of videos and information on the website and Gordana runs the cleanse a few times a year. Check online and signup for the next cleanse – of course after the party season JANUARY is a very popular time to do this!

Hope you liked these handpicked SUSTAINABLE GIFTS WITH A DIFFERENCE – buy sustainable and gifts that make a difference – if you need more inspiration check our gift section and happy shopping!

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What I write are my own personal views and I don’t endorse any content on external websites. I am also not advising on best course of action and recommend you do your own research. Some links above may be affiliate links but this does not affect the price you pay as a customer.

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