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Thinking outside the BOX – supporting small businesses

Lockdown 2020 has brought it’s challenges for all of us but I would love to share something I’m really proud to have put my energy into during this time. My lockdown lessons began mid-March 2020 with wondering how and what changes we might face – just like everyone, this was a worry in terms of health, family and lockdown life. As we know supporting small businesses is super important (in normal circumstances) but I also didn’t know how this uncertainty would translate to my small business….and so it began, my journey to discovering something new and thinking outside the BOX!

Lockdown Lessons

Everything seemed to change so quickly and an “uncertain” label was attached to so many things…. although in some ways it made us really dig deep to discover what was important to us – for many of us it raised questions about what we DIDN’T want, what we MISSED and what we wanted MORE of.

For me, this also raised some more questions running my business, like:

  • Was I doing ENOUGH?
  • How else could I add VALUE, help others and make an IMPACT?
  • Was this my real calling or did I need to discover something else waiting to GROW with me?
  • Could I indeed make a DIFFERENCE and how could I start to piece this together?

I started to “think outside the BOX” -this is when a new direction started to unravel – I love supporting small businesses so what if I discovered a way to help them using my skills? – given I am also a small business owner, understand this journey and to add to this, I hold a Mathematics degree and have 20 years experience working as an analysts, there must be something I can help with, right?

Given the strain Covid-19 has left on many small businesses, I really wanted to do more and keep supporting small businesses, perhaps in a different way. Yes, this was it… and it felt so right!

Turning Point

This was the turning point and from this Xcel with Mahnaz was born – a supportive place for small business owners where I help discover new ideas, tools and techniques, working as a personal GUIDE or TRAINER to help make ideas turn into products and services in the online world.

So my mission is to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE learning of NEW ways to become more EFFICIENT, save time, increase PRODUCTIVITY and add more value to a small business by increasing their ONLINE offerings – all done in my very unique way!

small business efficiency

There was no turning back now – it was clear what I needed to do, I just needed to fit in the hours to get the work completed.

So I started working on my first online course and learning all the tech to get this mission off the ground. Don’t get me wrong, it was no plain sailing – nothing ever is, it took months and I went through self doubt, highs and lows, frustration and low confidence to eventually come out the other side. Each time I thought I had WON against the tech, there was something else I didn’t know and had to learn before moving forward.

Now I can say all of this was so WORTH IT…. it’s an INCREDIBLE feeling when you know you have helped someone.


Once I had my first students on board, they dedicated themselves to the 6 weeks and I was blown away by their feedback 5 star reviews and so AMAZING to feel like I was a small part of their business journey!

What’s Next?

Well this is a journey, ever evolving and I’m nurturing it to see where it takes me. I’m absolutely loving it, so the next step is creating an amazing community of like-minded small business owners and building up one to one clients, no doubt more will follow after this… just taking it one step at a time.

If you’re a small business owner and want to learn more about this take a look at my Xcel with Mahnaz page and make sure you download my FREE guide so you can get started at working more efficiently!

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