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What Exactly Is NATURAL Hair Care?

NATURAL hair care is looking after your hair with toxic free ingredients. Using products with butters and oils as well as fresh and healthy ingredients that harness plant power. From washing your hair, to conditioning, nourishing and shaving – our plastic free products are bursting with natural goodness. Let’s discover these together!

It’s also worth noting that these do not rely on synthetic or artificial ingredients. Switching to these products not only helps add beneficial ingredients to your hair routine but also AVOIDS key chemicals that you do not want exposed to like SLS.

handmade natural soap

Shampoo Bars

Solid soap bars without any plastic packaging or bottles – these come in different types with different infusions, blends of herbs, extracts that work with your hair and do not strip your hair of the natural oils it’s worked so hard to produce. they do a great job of cleansing too and over time you will find washing your hair less often resulting in these bars lasting even longer!

For a full in-depth look at how they work and tips on choosing the best one for you and tips read our Natural Shampoo Bars blog.

Conditioner Bars

Solid conditioner bars, plastic free, concentrated bars with natural ingredients. Our favourite has to be these ones made by our local supplier, Linlithgow Soapery. They’re soft enough to apply easily. The feel of these is very different, only small amounts of this concentrated bar is needed with efforts to melt and distribute evenly.

Simply rub the bar directly onto hair ends, if your hair is dry then use from mid hair down to ends. Rub gently and small bits will come off onto your hair, then massage to distribute evenly into your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes to absorb the goodness, then rinse and rinse again.

You only need tiny amounts so start with less and after each wash, check and adjust next time. Best avoid scalp as shampoo bars do not strip hair in same way and you only want to use conditioner where it’s needed. Once you get used to how different they are, they’re so easy to use. It’s important to be guided by how your hair feels and see how much works well for your hair. They work well with shampoo bars and you’ll be surprised at how long they last!

Shaving Bars

Another great plastic free option. With a little care these solid bars will last a long time – especially if you keep them out of water. Great to use while traveling but also just as good to make part of your home routine.

Use a wet brush to lather up and no more bottles of shaving gel/foam!

Other Nourishing Products

If your hair needs some extra TLC then try using a small amount of coconut or almond oil on damp hair. These also work well as a hair treatment, massage a generous amount of oil into scalp all the way to tips and leave on for a few hours or overnight before washing as normal.

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is another amazing treatment, often used for skin but is also good on hair. It can be used to cleanse hair or as a hair mask, a really luxurious treatment.

Our hair products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, SLS and paraben free – all made by small businesses committed to making natural, sustainable products.

As with all our products we take great care at looking at the brands, products and ingredients to source something that is really special. Hope this has been helpful and gives you ideas on new things you can try for yourself.

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